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I battled someone on Shoddy,it came down to our final pokemon he used a Claydol and I used Flygon,I used Ice Punch and it's health was 48% and then his Claydol used Expolsion and he won,How did that happen?


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If both trainers are down to their final Pokemon, and a suicide attack is used, the one who used that suicide move is the winner. It's just the way the Shoddy Battle team and Game Freak coded it, so that slower, bulkier Pokemon who learn these attacks can still revenge kill, in a sense.

It should be a draw at least
It's because if you use Explosion, you damage the opponent first, so they faint before you. Same with recoil damage.
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Yes,no and sort of

yes because it dose 250 damage and most pomkemon cant survive that because most pokemon don't have over 250 hp

no because it makes the user faint

and sort of because if you and your opponent are on your last pokemon and you use explosion you pokemon will faint and most likely your opponents pokemon will faint to which makes the battle a tie.