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It just seems so lazy, the game, it's all basically the same as the first except for some minor plot arcs, and they're pretty poor at that. Like, I like Colress and all the new plasma stuff, but did that really need to be in a sequel? I expected much more from this game, as it's supposed to be one. It just doesnt live up to B/W in my opinion.
Ty for putting your time into answering, btw.

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Because they felt like it. 'Nuff said.
It's obvious it was a rushed filler game just to get some more sales, yet it ended up becoming one of their most interesting games for it...

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"Yellow is such a noob game. It's basically just lets fanboys recreate Ash's team."
"Crystal is such a lazy game. It's basically a Gold & Silver rehash."
"Emerald is such a dumb game. It's basically just using the Ruby & Sapphire plots."
"Platinum is such a non-game. It's basically just a director's cut of Diamond & Pearl."

B2W2 introduced new aspects of Unova, e.g. South-West Unova, Castelia sewers, and Humilau City. It allowed you to catch non-Unova Pokemon really early on, like Azurill in the Floccesy Ranch. It gave you a new rival in Hugh, who is unique in his motivations, and doesn't scream about you being more powerful than him, giving the story another plot arc. There are 3 new gym leaders in Cheren, Roxie and Marlon. Elesa's image change is explained, and is not just solely a cosmetic change. Memory link allows you to see what happened to everyone in a period of 2 years. B2W2 shows that time actually passes, which is unique to Generation V, considering no other Generation has shown such a feature, and in the anime, Ash has been 10 for over a decade.

You can say any game was "bad". Why does Gamefreak make any game? To make money. If you don't like a game, don't buy it.

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Well there is several reasons they could have done this.
I will start by saying I actually like B2/W2 more.
If they hadn't done the sequel thing then there would no doubt have been a Pokemon Grey (or something similar) instead, as that is what they have done for every other generation. These third games to go along with the original pair has some problems though. The largest is that they are inherently very similar to the original pair of games. So people who bought one of the first games wonder if it is really worth buying the new game, as it will be very similar to the game they already have. By making a fully-fledged sequel GameFreak solved this problem.

Whether they will do the same for X and Y remains to be seen (of course, as the original games aren't even out yet), so we don't know if they will keep the B2/W2 style, or return to a "Pokemon Z" or something similar, and the sequel thing is just a one off.

So anyway, there are good reasons as to why they might have done it the way they did, and personally I actually like it this way more.

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Well obviously there is no actual direct answer without asking, but I'm going to say what I think.
There were actually some major-ish changes, including new gym leaders as well as new features in the games. Anyway,
1. Obviously they're lazy. :3
2. I'm thinking economical reasons. Nintendo's stocks were going downhill at a point (early-mid last year I think). So obviously by releasing B/W2 they'd try pull their stocks up a bit. Though that probably didn't affect them when they started making B/W2 so probably they just wanted more money~~ XD
3. Also, Nintendo has been releasing a Pokemon (or a pair) every 1 or 2 years. I suppose Black2/White2 might have been a filler in between BW (2010) and XY (2013)

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Well i knew prior that it was obviously a marketing thing, with money but idk i also didnt take into consideration the past sequels, crystal etc. But i dont know why but it just feels so stale.