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My Chesnaught is on lvl 53 and is about to learn Wood Hammer (lvl 55), and I was wondering which one would be better. Wood Hammer has higher damage but includes recoil damage, I don't know which one to pick!
Chesnaught's moveset is:

  • Low Sweep (TM)
  • Seed Bomb
  • Rock Tomb (TM)
  • Spiky Shield

I'm keeping Low sweep for now because it is currently his most powerful fighting-type move, Spiky Shield is not that great but I find it quite useful in competitive battling. I'll probably replace rock tomb because it's a TM, but I might need the rock move and it's a waste of having 2 grass moves :(

I simply cannot decide which is why I crawl to you fine lads for help.


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I'd go for Wood Hammer. You've got reliable STAB (albeit weak), and you'll probably need Rock Tomb for Flying types. If it were me, I'd replace Seed Bomb with Wood Hammer.

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Thanks for the help, by the way does anyone know what level Chesnaught learns hammer arm and close combat?