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Though it doesn't affect the Pokemon instantly, it is still useful enough to be used in competitive battling? I can easily see it on a lead Pokemon geared to force switches and fork over some damage. It could also be used after a U-Turn or Volt-Switch into a sitting duck allowing 1 turn to set this up. And unlike Shell Smash it has no fatal attributes (other than having to wait).

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Geomancy is incredible. I'd suggest forgoing your item and getting a Power Herb just for the sake of using Geomancy. As long as you're in a good position to sweep and it is unlikely you will be forced out, the boost which is basically the equivalent of two Spec and two Scarf boosts (with that Special Defense boost added on also) makes Xerneas a beast who can quite easily sweep the foe.

It's a bit less useful without the use of Power Herb. The problem really is that the turn you're inactive allows the opponent time to switch into an effective counter. It's still a solid move, as if you see that your opponent has no solid counter or if you are able to KO that counter earlier in the match, now you can just run away with the Xerneas sweep. And it's not like Sky Attack, where you just switch into a type resist to reduce effectiveness. So I'd just recommend it on all Xerneas (within reason. Useless on a choiced Xerneas of course.)

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Ah! SO I was right. Good to know. I will make a place for this on my team!
Nope. It IS NOT useless with da choice Xerneas, because le Psych Up Chandelure will love that stat boost and the instant "uberification".
^Are you talking doubles? Because in singles a move like Geomancy is useless on a choiced Pokemon.
Even in doubles, it's still pretty gimmicky, considering you need to wait a turn before using Psych Up.
Yep, but it gets ridiculously advantageous. And yeah, I was talkin' 'bout double battles.
No... I think that's assuming too many things. Like Chandelure won't be hit by a physical move, Roar'd/ Whirlwind'd out, or Sucker Punched.
Risky but troll and gimmick ;)