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Which is better of the two
What level will ralts from Diantha be.
What are the odds of getting a female Eeveeon route 10 I keep getting boys.

Eevee has a Gender bias - only 12.5% of Eevee are female. Lead with a male pokemon with Cute Charm to get better odds - or try breeding, which might be faster (although the gender bias still exists)
Ok what about the rest of the question.
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>Which is better of the two

Sylveon's major stats are Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, while the other stats are quite below average.

Gardevoir's major stats are Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, so they are two very similar Pokemon.

There Attack and Defense stats are the same, while Sylveon's speed is lower than Gardevoir's. The truth is if you want a defensive Pokemon, go for Sylveon. If you want an attacker, choose Gardevoir.

Also, Gardevoir does have a Mega-Evolution, but since the stone is only available post-game the Mega Evolution's helpfulness will only last post-game.

If I were to choose, I'd choose Gardevoir because of how easy it is to evolve, because you have to use Pokemon Amie, which is a pain if you don't normally use it. (I do though. x3)

Really, what you want to choose is absolutely your option.

>What level will ralts from Diantha be.

Level 5. It is only available post-game, and it will be holding the Gardevoirite.
She'll trade it for anything.

>What are the odds of getting a female Eeveeon route 10 I keep getting boys.

Meloetta is correct, but just to reiterate it's a 12.5% chance it will be female, while the latter will be male. That's a one in eight chance if your not good at math.

I honestly can't imagine a Male Sylveon. With the bow, and the ribbons, and the... O_O

Hope I helped. :)
Source, Source, Source and my brain. :D

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I'm speechless that was an incredible answer thank you so much I think I will get a Sylveon then post game replace it with Gardevoir sonImguess I choose Gardevoir thank you.
Male Sylveon is the manliest Pokemon ever.
Also it's been confirmed that you only need 2 hearts in Amie to evolve Eevee into Sylveon + a Fairy move. 2 hearts isn't that hard to achieve, really.
True I had three hearts and it evolved
Oh wow, thank you for saying that stuff about my answer... xD
No worries it was truly an incredible answer exactly what I was looking for.
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By better do you mean Stat wise, Move Pool Range, or Type effectiveness?

Stat wise, Sylveon beats Gardevior with a base stat total of 525, where as Gardevoir's is only 518.

Both Pokemon can learn many diffrent types of moves such as Signal Beam and Shadow Ball.

In my opinion, if you want the better stats, choose Sylveon.
P.S The Ralts traded to you by Diantha comes at Level 5.