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Okay, who else remembers Tierno giving you an "Intriguing Stone" upon entering Shalour City? And he's all like, "I found this stone. I think it evolves Pokemon."

So what does this stone do, exactly??? I'm not all the way through the game, I'm just itching to know what it does. I've looked everywhere on the internet, and I can't find anything about it.

So far, all it's doing is bothering me, and taking up space in my bag. In the Key Items pocket, no less...

As far as I know, it does nothing.
Even the mega evolution guru says it's just a regular rock.

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If you give it to a hiker in Cormarine City then he will give you a sun stone.

yea I know just a sun stone but thats the only use I found for it

Source: Experience

WOW... Such an amazing use...
Lol i know
You can evolve your Sunkern. xD
:) (filler)