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I really want them. Please help!


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>Noibat can be found in Terminus Cave or Victory Road in both X and Y.
When you enter these caves there is a chance that a Pokemon might swoop down from above. This is like the dust clouds phenomena in Gen V. You don't know when it can do that... but, yeah. Just run around hopelessly in either one of them caves and hope you get swooped by a Noibat! xD It's quite rare, by the way, so be patient.

Quoted from Indigo Sapphire.


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Okay thanks!
You don't just randomly encounter them.  Every so often, a shadow will appear on the floor of the cave.  Step on the shadow, and a battle starts, usually with a Pokemon that you can't find by other means.
Today I went there and the first pokemon I encountered was a Noibat! :D