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When I walk in, two guys tell me that the restaurant is only for VIPs. Can I get in, and if so, how?

Man, I was gonna ask this.

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>So I just finally got into Sushi High Roller (for anyone wondering how to get in, I got in right after finishing the post-game "Looker Bureau" missions)

So, Fizz is partially correct, I guess.
You have to complete the Looker Bureau Missions which are only accessible post-game, which you can read more about here.

Once you have accomplished them, you have access to the Sushi High Roller.

Hope I helped. :)

This is correct. I remembered it wrong.
Update: you only need to have started the Looker missions; I went in there as soon as I got the call from Looker and it let me in.
I finished the looker missions and I still cant go in.