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I will post an answer for every Pokemon, in order of appearance in the Pokedex. Comment with your speculations about tier placement and roles in the metagame. Talk about how you think the Mega Evolution helps out the base Pokemon. Or how it makes it worse. This is not for movesets however, we have the moveset questions for that.

I will also have a general Mega Evolution topic.

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How do you think Mega Evolutions will effect the Gen VI metagame? What about team compositions?

I think every team, especially in the higher tiers (depending on where the megas end up going) will run at least 1 mega (I'm sure everyone expects that). I also think most team will try to run at least 2 pokemon with the potential to meg evolve, just to keep the other person guessing who their mega is.
I think it'll really depend on the team. I personally was disappointed to see Mega-Evolutions when we have issues like Stealth Rocks being way OP and stuff like hail being too weak to be decent competitively. I just dislike the entire idea :/
That being said it'll be really cool to use them with their new abilities and such and even small stuff like NOT mega evolving the poke and pulling those kinds of predict out of the hat. But honestly I dislike the Mega Evos, but I'm still likely to jump on the bandwagon.
It will be interesting to see how the weaker Mega Evolutions fare. I don't see a person taking something like Mega Pinsir over Mega Scizor. Or Mega Ampharos over a better Pokemon in general. But these Pokemon are still really powerful, so much so that the UU tier might not like having them.

I don't see any Mega being lower than UU though, and I do expect at least one on every team. Hell, even if it's just Mega Scizor.
I actually don't think that teams will run 2 to mega evolve tbh. It's a waste of a moveslot. But like MrKijani said, it will be fun to do some stuff like running a different Mega with Garchomp and T-Tar/Hippo for example.

Anyways, I do agree that all the Mega will be in Ubers, OU, or UU. Their stats are just too good for the lower tiers, and most of them hit like a truck.
He's not saying two Mega Evos, but two Pokemon that have Mega Evos. So using Garchomp and Scizor on the same team, but only one of them has a Mega Stone.
Also "waste of a MOVESLOT" :P
loi dang i misread that :( :P
a problem is they can't use items other than the mega stone
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Mega Venusaur

Seeing as how it can Spore with Clorophyll and Mega-Evolve the next turn this thing still has true potential to rape. Especially with Thick Fat lending it some bulk. However with the weather nerf my first prediction might not hold true. However with STAB Sludge Bomb it just might stay in OU to hit all those incoming fairies.
It can't Spore. :P
Grass/Poison is actually really good defensive typing once you remove the Fire and Ice weaknesses, and 80/123/120 defenses are nothing to laugh about. It can also actually do a lot of damage, so Giga Draining recovers a fair amount of HP. The real problem with it is the problem with most Grass types in that Grass does not give good coverage in OU, and it is difficult to cover all your threats. I think Mega Venusaur will see more use than just plain Chlorophyll Venusaur thanks to the weather nerf, and that it will be seen sometimes in OU, but I don't think it will be seen very often. A bit too bulky for UU though, especially since it won't have to have coverage against both Dragons and Steel as much in UU.
Sorry meant sleep powder :P
So too good for UU but not really the best for OU.
Guess this is the moment we say
Although as you've pointed out it has the defenses so I think it'll easily hold it's own in OU.
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Mega Charizard X

This thing is still raped by SRocks before it evolves and still carries weakness to Rocks after. However with it's attack and popularity it'll be seen in OU and Ubers quite often but I have a feeling it'll decline.
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Mega Mewtwo Y

Everyone knows it but still, he makes Mewtwo crap his pants and run away and you thoguht Mewtwo was beast. Like seriously, 140 base speed paired with 194 SpA, only Yvetal can 'safely' disable this guy with his sucker punch. Throw in a few powerful moves and he becomes the new Deoxys Attack and he doesn't die quite so fast with 120 SpD. Of course his only major flaw is 70 base Def. Now of course you can always predict a Sucker Punch and so maybe keep Disable on hand just to make your opponents life hell. But as we all know, Uber (they really should make a new tier just for this guy alone.... just sayin)
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Mega Mawile


base 105 Attack + Huge Power = almost as powerful as Mega Kangaskhan. But its speed lets it down somewhat, so it isn't really over powered. Still it gets Sucker Punch for priority, and it has quite a few decent attacks up its sleeve, assuming it lives long enough with its base 50 HP. I'm leaning towards UU for it, but it could be OU.
I'm thinking the main reason to use it would be for its typing. Steel resists Steel and is immune to Poison. Fairy resists Fighting. Seems pretty legit there. But yeah, I think the Speed is going to be the main problem with it, along with the fact that Mega Gardevoir is just a much better Dragon killer. I still expect it to see a lot of use though, as it is one of the better Fairy types out there. Its use will probably decline as the metagame develops. I see it as having a lot of OU use, then finally it will end up settling down in UU. Or maybe it will be made Borderline. Hard to tell, as I mentioned in my post above.
Depending on how Mega-Evos turn out in the meta game I'm thinking of seeing this guy a lot on TR Doubles Teams, or TR Singles if you're into it.
Yeah, most likely a top-tier threat in UU. Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, dat attack and great bulk and typing is nothing to mess with.
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Mega Charizard Y

I believe it will be OU no one can tell for sure but i think its a safe bet as it has high spatk and speed with droubt. Its not as good as it could be because of thr weather nerf but its still useful for one turn solarbeam to cover all of fires weaknesses and it boosts its already stabbed fire moves. I can see it being good.
I'm really not sure where this will be placed  because it still loses half its heath to stealth rocks when switching in. But then again so does Volcarona and that is OU (or was in Gen V at least).
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Mega Blastoise

Blastoise is definitely making OU. No explanation needed.
Mega Blastoise easily proves itself as a top-tier wallbreaker that demolishes unprepared teams. Mega Launcher is a fantastic ability that gives Mega Blastoise more reliable pseudo-STAB options. Incredible defensive stats turn Mega Blastoise into the perfect bulky wallbreaker, and an excellent Special Attack makes it viable as an offensive spinner, capable of working on any kind of team. Even when opting for an alternative defensive Rapid Spin set, Mega Blastoise still hits hard with no investment. Unfortunately, lack of reliable recovery makes it status bait and hinders its longevity.  So its UU
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Mega Alakazam

This guy definitely has good stats, but I actually don't think we will be seeing as much use as other Mega Evolutions. Regular Alakazam has a much better ability, it can avoid hazard and residual damage with Magic Guard, which allows it to run the Sash revenge killer set, which I find to be its best set. And Timid LO Alakazam will be more powerful than Timid Mega Alakazam, while keeping its ability, so that's something else to consider.

Personally, I think it's a solid Mega Evolution, but will be less used than others as it is less worth Mega Evolving since you can have only 1 on your team imo.
I got a look at this guy's speed and SAtk. It's going to rape everything, and I mean everything. However GF was smart enough to drop it's defenses leaving it open to priority and really REALLY bulky walls meaning it could potentially be brought down. And no more ScarfZam
excellent special sweeper
can make use of trace
won't fit anything but a special sweeper
mostly useless ability
no items (same for all the others)
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Mega Gengar


shadow tag makes this thing great at trapping potential threats and disposing of them. On the other hand, it is now weak to Ground, so be careful what you switch it into. But with 170 base Special Attack, who cares???
It can still switch in on one Ground type attack. Make it count guys. :D
But Shadow Tag is so good that it is impossible to pass up. Shadow Tag is the thing that would've made Chandelure, a worse Pokemon, Uber. FOr a Pokemon with 170 Special Attack and 130 Speed to have it, that is brutal. Which is exactly what Mega Gengar is. Switch in on anything slower than it, and you basically end up killing it. Sub+Disable is even more dangerous, as your foe can't just switch out of it. You're buffing a Pokemon that is already pretty powerful in OU. And not just a minor buff, but a huge one. I'm thinking Ubers, or at least an incredibly dominant OU Pokemon.
Mhmmm, yes. And he will be a 'must have' on any team with a powerful dragon because Gengar can trap those fairies and they con't do much back at him. I agree he will dominate OU, but Ubers is a different story. He can probably hold his own in Ubers, but I am thinking strictly revenge and fairy killer due to lack of bulk.
pretty much bye scarf terrakion c:
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Mega Kangaskhan

He has pretty good stats even in mega standards, but the thing that tops it off is parental bond. I'm gonna say OU, or even, call me mad, Ubers.
I call ubers. Having seen this in battle, using something like comet punch with a kings rock, it could hit up to 10 times and cause a very likely chance of flinching.
Yep, those Mega Evolutions really can use those items quite well. /end sarcasm
I'm going to go with OU though. It's easily one of the best of the non instantly Uber (Mega Mewtwo, Blaziken) Mega Pokemon.
Come in, ignore the "you go second if you were slower in non Mega form" by using Fake Out, which is a huge priority hit to start off with. You then have a plethora of options. Most obvious are:

-Sucker Punch: Huge priority hit.
-Body Slam: Hits fairly hard, abuses the double hit to paralyze like a Jirachi
-Drain Punch: All the healing

Other options are:
-Crunch for the defense drop
-Rock Slide/Headbutt for the flinch
-Hell, just double Ice Punch and hope for the trolls.

It hits off of 125 Attack, which means it basically hits harder than Mega Medicham. It has base 100 Speed. It has Sub break capabilities, it has 105/100/100 bulk. This thing is a beast.
This thing can abuse Power-Up Punch with Fake Out too. Just something to consider. :P
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Mega Pinsir


This guy is a real hidden gem!
Mega Pinsir looks like the stuff nightmares are made of.
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Mega Gyarados

Water/Dark F you GF.

That aside it looks like a giant Prawn that I buy at the supermarket. Also it's only STAB dark move is Bite. Sorry that's not happening without Technician. However it has some really good bulk which will be interesting to see. I'm not sure what he'll be used for, or where he'll end up, but I'm thinking he won't drop to UU.
I believe that the lack of Intimidate and Moxie might actually make Mega Gyarados see less use than standard Gyarados. It might also be argued that Water/Dark is a worse typing, as it prevents you from switching in on Ground, Fighting, and Bug moves. The Ground and Fighting switchin is fairly big, as these are fairly common attacking types. Dark typing also provides a weakness to the Fairy type. Sure, not having to take 25% from Rocks is nice, as is the increased Special bulk, but I don't believe these things will be able to make Mega Gyarados see use. Gyarados will probably see a similar amount of play as it has been getting in Gen V, as nothing has really made it any worse.
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Mega Mewtwo X

Obviously Uber. No explanation needed.
It is quite a shame that it has no powerful STAB attacks and that it doesn't rise to 140 Speed like Mewtwo Y does. I would hold that Mega Mewtwo X should generally see very little use in comparison to Mega Mewtwo Y. Mega Mewtwo Y is one of the most dominant forces of this generation from my use of it. Such a high Special Attack paired with one of the highest Speed stats in the tier makes it incredibly difficult to deal with. Mega Mewtwo Y also has access to Special STAB in a base 100 powered attack. All in all, Mega Mewtwo Y is just more of a beast. Also of note is Mega Mewtwo Y's ability to switch in on Darkrai's Dark Void, while X has an ability that is in no way noteworthy.

Mega Mewtwo X does have the ability to not take Super Effective damage from Dark type moves. This might be a nice feature to have with the introduction of Yveltal to the metagame. However, Mega Mewtwo Y is able to avoid Sucker Punch easily enough with access to Substitute, so even that distinction of Mega Mewtwo X is not really going to require its use.
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Mega Ampharos

This thing has alot of bulk, and with Dpulse STAB and decent movepool, i call OU for it!
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Mega Scizor


Basically regular Scizor with a "close to CB" Attack. OU it remains as.
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Mega Heracross

Already famous for having the most powerful physical bug type attack, Heracross got an even more powerful one with base 185 attack (sweet arceus) and skill link base 125 power pin missle. His defenses are now actually pretty decent, but the speed issue is greater now, and as the mega can't carry a choice scarf, issues arise. Also, with fairy now on the list of types that resist Heracross's STAB (it being Flying, Ghost, Poison and Fairy), heracross is in a worse boat coverage wise than ever. That being said, I still think this guy, with pure power alone, could find his way into the ou tier, or be as it has always been a high ranking uu contender, to the point it ends up on the BL.
To be fair though, the two Fairy types we are most likely to see are Mega Gardevoir and Mega Mawile, both of whom are hit for neutral damage by Heracross STAB. Mega Gardevoir is likely to be OHKOd because it doesn't seem the type to run defensive investment. Mawile will likely be 2HKOd by Close Combat, although it has a very good chance to be OHKOd if it runs no HP EVs.  And if Sylveon and Florges do not go physical bulk, they will be 2HKOd by Stone Edge. Otherwise they would be 3HKOd and cause Heracross some problems.

This guy is still a very good wall breaker though, and might give it the niche it needs in order to make OU. At the very least, it makes Heracross even harder to deal with in UU.
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Mega Houndoom

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Mega Tyranitar

Even with weather being a laughingstock, Tyranitar would still have been used, no question. But make it Mega, and this guy will be ama-zing. Maybe not good for Ubers, but OU it shall stay.
Tyranitar has always been a good Pokemon, even back when Sand was useless. So what if only he gets the Sand Special defense boost? It still makes him difficult to kill with Special Attacks. And that Pursuit is now a real scary move, no longer needed a Band as much. No doubt T-tar will still see a lot of use in the OU metagame.
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Mega Blaziken


Oh, you want elaboration? Well to be honest, he isn't really that much better than normal Blaziken. He has the same strengths, but also the same weaknesses. His Attack is pretty high (yes that's right, as of now 160 base Attack is "pretty high"), and with Speed Boost he will outspeed anything. But he is still very frail, and will likely be able to take no more than a couple of non-resisted hits. So he is a fast sweeper, but will fall pretty quickly to priority or pokemon that can take a hit, and hit back hard. So basically the same as he is now, just with better attack stats.
I elaborate on how Mega Blaziken is better than Blaziken here. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/166393/pros-cons-mega-charizard-mega-blaziken-pros-cons-scizor-aggron?show=166762#c166762
The differences are marginal, and shouldn't cause Blaziken to see more use, but it should be used whenever you use Blaziken (unless you are using a different Mega)
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Mega Gardevoir

OU, nice stats, not the best ability, moonblast STAB is better