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Im training a charizard team and now im working on a new mix sweeper and I need to split the ev's
speed,attack and special attack
and im not sure the ev's are right though
note:it's lv 40
so here the stats are :
sp attack-118
defense-66(mild nature)
sp defense-81

and I need a good place where I can find more speed ev pokemon
note:im useing the items power anklet\bracer\lense

please help me


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Seems Good. It's Hard To Place EVs Exactly for Mixed Sweepers, as they Need Speed, and their attacking stats, but EV Training 3 stats makes it hard to judge which one to train the most. But Id Say This Zard Is Coming Along Nicely. Keep it Up:)

Also, Whatll its Moveset be?

Dragon pulse
heat wave
roost\sword dance\shadow claw