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Hi! A few weeks ago, I beat X and I found ALL the Mega Stones and I really want a Mega Banette but I can't find a Banette anywhere! Please tell me where to find one! If they don't appear in the wild then tell me where to find a Shuppet!




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You can find banette in Pokemon village, which is near the town with the 8th gym. Banette is in shaking spots. ( Sorry that I don't know the name of the town or gave specific directions, I haven't played for a bit.)

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I know exactly what you mean! Thanks!
In shaking/haunted rubbish bins. Rotom is found on Tuesdays in different forms while Banette is found on Thursdays.
Wow, thanks! I didn't know about the Rotom on Tuesdays and Banette on Thursdays! Gladly, I already caught my Banette...I want a Rotom now....so might as well wait for Tuesday! Thanks !