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This may seem like an irrelevant question since everyone is so excited over these 3 new Pokemon, but I need to know whether Nintendo gives them out as downloads like the recent Luminose City glitch patch or if they're already in the game like Genesect and Arceus were. The real question is "Who and how did they leak?", I am happy they've been confirmed as real Pokemon but HOW did they find them? Does this mean that someone has already figured out how to "hack" 3DS games like Pokemon? Does it mean the game's no longer cheat-proof? If not, I would have hoped Nintendo could send them off as downloads but then that means somebody inside Game Freak could have leaked them. Which is more likely? I know 3DS games are super complicated compared to regular old DS games, could it be somebody put in the effort to hack the 3DS for the first time ever JUST for Pokemon X/Y?

PS. Their names leaked over a week ago but Serebii deleted their entries, I'm now seeing their pics revolve around the internet and my only question regarding that is, did Serebii's team hack the game perhaps???

I belive they were discovered using the GTS where they could be requested. Albeit it only revealed their names and typing, it wasn't a hack, simply cleaver spotting.

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It sounds like someone finally managed to hack into the games. Serebii mentions it. It is hidden under the "spoiler" button in my link.


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