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Can you get it before the Elite-Four?

Can I get it if I started with Froakie?


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No to both. Zapdos can be found post-game (which means beating the Elite Four) roaming the region only if you chose Fennekin. If you chose Froakie you'll get Moltres.

If you chose Fennekin and see Zapdos 12 times in the region, it'll appear for battle at the Sea Spirit's Den. The same goes for those who chose Froakie except it'll be Moltres.

So yeah, if you chose Froakie you'll have to trade for Zapdos.

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Oh crap I hate Moltres... Thanks anyway.
No problem :)
At least it's not Articuno, who is easily the worst of the three.
Yeah. I don't understand why people are wanting to trade Yveltal for Articuno on the GTS. It's crazy.
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What is the Zangoose all about?
It's awesome...?