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Victreebel or Roserade?

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I have Pokemon pearl and I am looking for a grass type that can take hits and deal them that isn't starter or legendary. Should I go with roserade or victreebel?

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What is your team?
i have a gardevoir,galade,salamence,garchump, and another to be determined

1 Answer

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I think Roserade is better. You can see the stat differences here:

-Neither can take physical hits well, but Roserade can take Special hits while Victreebel can't.
-Roserade has higher Speed.
-Although Roserade has less HP, the higher Sp.Def can cover that a bit. Victreebel has higher HP but doesn't have good defenses.
-Roserade has higher Sp. Atk. While Victreebel can function as a mixed attacker, I prefer just investing in one attack stat to power up. With Victreebel, you can either let a large offensive stat go to waste or use a lot of EVs powering up that stat for a mixed attacker.

So, if you want a mixed attacker, go with Victreebel. However, Roserade serves a better purpose for taking Special hits and dealing Special damage.

I hope I helped!

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yes you have!
vitribell is good in sun but i still rather pick roserade over it