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I'm not talking about the legendary birds in X/Y, but just all roaming Pokemon in general, other than them. Is this the best or one of the ways to trap and catch one? :

First I'd have a Pokemon with Arena Trap or another ability like that. If I don't, I could have a Pokemon with high speed use Mean Look. And I'd have my Pokemon carry the Focus Band (or Sash, I don't remember) and then have it use Trick to give it to the roaming Pokemon. Then I'd either have my Pokemon use Destiny Bond. If the roaming Pokemon's move is super effective against mine, my Pokemon would probably faint and since it used my Pokemon used Destiny Bond, the other Pokemon should faint too, right? However, the roaming one is holding the Focus Sash/Band now , so would it just go to 1 HP or would it still faint? That's what I need to know. Also, is there an EASIER way to trap and catch a roaming Pokemon, or at least more clever? Sorry if this sounds confusing, but thanks anyways!

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You can't trap the roaming birds in X and Y. You have to see one 11 times and then go to the Sea Spirits Den to catch it.
I know that, I already caught one. But I'll word my question differently so no one will mention that.

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It doesn't matter if they are holding the Focus Sash when Destiny bond activates. Your best bet is to do the Mean Look/Arena Trap/Shadow Tag, then give them status such as sleep or paralysis, then just spam pokeballs.

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