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it doesn't work in wi fi, he just has sketch when the game is over, and I tried in battle maison... same result... x & y btw

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Well then tag it xy nub. :P
hardly has spoilers
Its ok I had an idea!! Delete all the pokemons moves that I dont want, so It only hasthay one move I want, Go find a ditto, let it copy the monomove pokemon, THEN sketch it

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The easiest way to teach Smeargle moves is to participate in a Double battle in which you use Smeargle and another Pokemon knowing the desired moves. Let your other Pokemon use the move you want to Sketch, then let Smeargle use Sketch on your own Pokemon. Then win the battle, learn Smeargle Sketch again, repeat.
A good way to get in a Double battle is to challenge the restaurants in Luminose City where you can choose what sort of battle you want to participate in.

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Oh restauraunts why didn't I think of that