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I think Roserade and Togikiss are cool, and I have Budew and Togepi. My friend says that the Poke Salon is a good source of happiness that I need to evolve certain Pokemon (like Budew and Togepi). Where is the Salon in Platinum and how many visits does it take to get it from no happiness to max happiness? (note that none of the tags support my question and I just chose randomly)


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There's no such thing specifically called the Poke Salon. The one that closest resembles a Poke Salon is the Salon in Join Avenue, but that only exists in B2W2.

Also in HGSS, there are the Haircut brothers & they'll groom a Pokemon & add to their happiness. They don't exist in Platinum.

For Platinum, the only thing close is the lady who gives massages; she resides in Veilstone City, in the house on the same platform & closest to the Gym.

A massage will only add +3 to your happiness quota.


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