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So are there even changing seasons? I never saw and notification that they change. But I did notice the Kalos seems to be divided by seasons. So I decided to see if the seasons were divided and non-changing. I caught a Sawsbuck that was in its Spring Form and battled a Pokémon on Route 17 (It's the route that you have to use a Mamoswine to cross). After the battle, the Sawsbuck did not change form.
I don't know if I missed anything about the changing of seasons or not...

Deerling's only known viable form is it's Spring Form.
The other forms are not known to be available in the game.

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the seasons don't change I think you have to find sawsbuck in other places of kalos if there isn't then transfer your deerlings from white or black or white2 of black2

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The dilemma is that Deerling IS in the game.
And, to my knowledge, I think some people have reported different-seasoned Deerling.
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Pokemon X and Y don't incorporate seasons in the game. Only day and nightime.

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X and T? x)
And look at my comment on the above answer.
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Sawsbuck is only available in the friend safari, not in any season affected areas (like the snowy parts). For this reason, if you count out the friend safari as much as the dream world for gen V (or perhaps more accurately, compare them to each other), technically, Sawsbuck isn't really in X and Y, so there is no need for seasons. Therefore, there is no way on X and Y to get all four Sawsbuck/Deerling forms without poketransfer.
Hope this makes sense and helps out a little

The question asks if there is a seasons system in X and Y, not how to get each Sawsbuck form.
I do want to clarify that there might be a hidden season system. Just sayin'.