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Absol with Hypnosis or any sleeping move + Mean Look?

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Hi guys,

I already have a Gallade with Hypnosis, Mean Look and False Swipe but I want to breed an Absol that can have those three skills (for capturing). Patrat is one candidate, since it can learn Hypnosis and Mean Look by leveling up.

I already have "template" Absols with Adamant and Super Luck. I just want to know if it can have both Hypnosis and Mean Look by breeding.

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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Absol can learn Mean Look via breeding, but it can't learn Hypnosis. Sadly, Absol can't learn any Sleep inducting moves, so you are sadly out of luck.

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Thanks! I checked that earlier; I just want to make sure if it is updated :)