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Level 40 Pokemon Platinum....

Can't figure out how to defend against the blizzard!


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Well........Crunch 1 Hit KOs Froslass. So Train Torterra up a bit more, and itll be fine. Theres also Yache Berries(sometimes found on wild Starlys) that weaken the power of Ice Type Moves.

Yache Berry won't be enough. Just hope it doesn't hit Torterra.
That wouldn't work, as her Abombasnow has The Hail Making ability.
Focus sash wouldn't work either becuase if it is hail he will die
Um youre saying lv 100frosslas would be beaten if toterra lv 1 new crunch
Whoah. Who said anything about Abomasnow?
The gym leader has an Abombasnow, which is who I believe hes talking about.
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Blizzard has low accuracy so one good idea is to hold Bright Powder to lower that even more. And use Crunch like Swampert said.

Or just switch to a better pokemon that could withstand an attack.