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Mega Mawile has an attack stat of 105, but has the ability huge power, which at first I thought would bring his base attack stat up to a terrifying 210. But then I was looking at the 'what's a good moveset for Diggersby', and Blobyolo said:

"Because what Huge Power does (common misconception as seen in other answers) is double the ATK stat of the Pokemon and not the Base stat."

So how powerful is Mega Mawile REALLY?


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I have no idea what Solumni's talking about.
Okay so Mega - Mawile has a base attack stat of 105 - that transalates to 246 if uninvested. So if a Mawile with huge power, and no attack investment (Assuming 31 IVs in attack) it would have a whopping 492 attack. If you had full investment (252 EVs) and a positive nature (Ie. Adamant), if you factored in Huge power it would have 678 attack - that's the maximum Mega - Mawile's attack stat can go to. I suppose that's how 'powerful' it really is.

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Yay someone gets it :3

JarJar made a good point in a hidden comment for those who don't understand.

Azumarill has a base stat of 50 in ATK and a maximum of 218 when fully invested. Assuming Huge Power doubles the base stat (it doesn't, just assume), it would have a base atk of 100 with a maximum of 328 ATK. However if you double 218 you will get 436 which is equivalent to a Pokemon with 150 base atk such as Groudon.
I think this goes the same for calculating the STAB and other damage multipliers
STAB deosn't x1.5 the base power, it x1.5 the damage
So for ex, STAB Scald won't be always 120BP