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Arca here. I need help: I plan on using Mega-Ampharos in-game, I already have a level 70 modest Ampharos in white 2. All I need to do is to transfer, level up and get dat Ampharosite. But can Ampharos learn any Dragon move ? Hidden Power {Dragon} doesn't count.

Thank you.

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Hidden Power Dragon counts now k?
Jks anyway, Ampharos gets Dragon Pulse (gets it at 'start' and can be relearnt at level 65 in case you're wondering). Could be more but Bulbapedia only has that one.

Edit: Screw Bulbapedia. In addition to Dragon Pulse, it gets Outrage (move tutor b2w2). Serebii says so :> and showdown has it.

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OK. Thank you.
The reason Bulba doesn't say Ampharos learns Outrage is because it has the Gen VI moveset up, and there are no tutors in X/Y.