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Why does ampharos get the dragon type in mega evolution but cannot learn a dragon move?

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I have noticed that ampharos gets the dragon type in mega evolution but he cannot get a dragon type move. Are they egg moves.

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The only Dragon type move Ampharos will learn is Dragon Pulse, if you take it to the Move Reminder in Dendemille Town. From the PokeCentre follow the path north and make a right turn before the steps and you should see a house, if you give the lady on the right a Heart Scale she can re-teach your Ampharos Dragon Pulse. Failing that it naturally learns it at level 65.

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Actually, Ampharos can learn Outrage via Move Tutor. This is only in Gen 5 and below, you'll have to wait until PokeBank comes out so that you can trade an Ampharos that knows Outrage to your X/Y game.

I actually wouldn't teach Ampharos Outrage anyway, because of its low Attack stat even in Mega Evolution, but that's just my opinion. :P

Hope this helped. :D

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I cannot get enough green shards anyway. P.S. I agree