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I realize a similar question has been asked by Daemithusnezaio, but I wanted to know how I could get Leech Seed, Spikes, and Stealth Rock all to Ferroseed by chain breeding without the help of a Move Tutor. I realize this might be impossible, but I was wondering how to do it because I don't have Black/White 2. Thanks.


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Unfortunately, without the use of a male Ferroseed or Ferrothorn bred the moves spikes and leech seed (from a member of the Cacnea or Roselia lines) and tutored the move Stealth Rock, this is no possible parent that can pass on all three moves, as there is no member of the Mineral Egg group (other than the Ferros) capable of learning Leech Seed, and no member of the Grass Egg group can learn both Spikes and Stealth Rock (except Ferro). Smogon itself said the combination was illegal prior to the release of Black and White 2. However, there are ways to get 2/3.

  • Spikes/Stealth Rock: For this, first obtain a male pineco/forretress with spikes and breed it with a dwebble or crustle. Level up the first male child dwebble to level 24, at which point it gets Stealth Rock. Then breed it with Ferroseed/Ferrothorn
  • Leech Seed/Stealth Rock: Transfer a Torterra from gen 4 tm'd stealth rock. It learns leech seed at level 33
  • Spikes/Leech Seed: Obtain a member of the cacnea line. It will have both leech seed and spikes by level 35 at the latest. You could also use a roselia/roserade with spikes and leech seed, but it would require breeding one with a cacnea/cacturne to get spikes, which is pointless. Again this will require Poketransfer in BW1

Personally, I'd advise seeking for the Ferrothorn you desire through trade, either on forums or on the GTS. It is a commonly raised Pokemon, and as you seem to be a savvy breeder, I'm sure you'll have an appreciated offer

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the help. I guess I have to make a compromise :/ lol
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You can't get all those moves onto Ferroseed without a move tutor.

The only way to get all 3 moves is to breed a Ferroseed with a Male Cacturne, which learns both Spikes and Leech Seed via level up, and then tutor it Stealth Rock. There's nothing Ferroseed can breed with that will learn all 3 moves, since it can't breed with Smeagle.