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I have a perfect ferroseed, six iv except special attack and speed, and gyro ball for low speed, so anyway, I wanna use both spikes and stealth rock so there in and gyro ball for stab and use of low speed, and the last move, should it be leech seed or power whip? And can you leave a set for ferrothorn in your answer? Thanks in advance.


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I'd say leech seed. Based on my competitive experience I'd say leech seed since gyro ball is THE best offensive move ferrothorn can have in this metagame, surpassing power whip for reasons I won't go into unless you ask me.

But moving on, it's good to have a Pokemon like ferrothorn use its decent attack to well...attack, but ferrothorn is primarily a wall and in your case it's one that sets up, and since you plan on using a ferrothorn with two hazards(which is ok), you don't really have the moves to actually ferrotroll(ha pun) such as twave or protect. Especially without protect, you don't really have a way to recover, and since ferrothorn has lots of purposes outside setting up(attacking not really being one of them), you last move can be leech seed, giving ferrothorn a role as a staller, while allowing it to heal itself.

Power Whip wouldn't be a bad idea, but overall leech seed fits into ferro's set better than Power Whip IMO

[email protected]
Ability: Iron Barbs
EVs: 252 HP 216 def 40 spdef
Impish Nature
-Stealth Rock
-Gyro Ball
-Leech Seed

That's the set I'd give you based on what you asked for, but in my opinion, don't limit yourself to that set just because it is full of egg moves and hard to get moves in general. I think using moves like protect and Thunder Wave in the middle and changin it up would be to your benefit. Here's a set I like that I got from smogon


name: Utility
move 1: Leech Seed
move 2: Protect / Thunder Wave
move 3: Power Whip / Gyro Ball
move 4: Stealth Rock / Gyro Ball / Spikes
ability: Iron Barbs
item: Leftovers / Rocky Helmet
evs: 252 HP / 216 Def / 40 SpD
nature: Relaxed / Impish
ivs: 0 Spe

Go ahead(If you wanna listen to my advice) and use that set/sets if you want to make the best use out of ferrothorn

Good Luck


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I have brave and dont feel like breeding for other natures, if seed bomb can work he had it, so if not then the attacking move can be gyro ball and setups, but two attacks would be good, and i prefer iron barbs rocky helm @Generekt
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I've never used a ferrothorn but think power whip for type coverage

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If you want him to stay in battle longer and gradually wear your opponents down go with leech seed but go with power whip if you want to be more offensive or if you have a team that fears physical swepers. Personally I would go with power whip with the other moves you want. If I went with leech seed I would also go with protect.
Heres what I would go with if I were you:
Gyro ball, power whip, spikes, stealth rock
Gyro ball, spikes, leech seed, protect
But personally I like:
Gyro ball, power whip, leech seed, spikes

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It should be leech seed. It is pretty much on every ferro set there is. Also, I would recommend replacing gyro ball with iron head because it has more pp, which is useful for stalling. Here is the set I have in mind for you:

Ferrothorn @Leftovers
Trait: Iron Barbs
Sassy Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Def, 4 SpD

Stealth Rock
Leech Seed
Iron Head/Gyro Ball