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My ferrothorn knows power whip which has to be my fav move
But its unreliable and im not sure wether to swap it for giga drain because its a rather defsive pokemon and i might want to recother hp
or i could breed one with leech seed but im not sure what i have to breed it with
its moves at the mo are (power whip)(curse)(gyro ball)(ingrain)@rocky helmet


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Keep Power Whip, it's a physical move, which already supports Ferrothorn's higher attack stat, and you have Curse, which raises it's Attack by 1.

Using Giga Drain would completely ignore all of the support to use physical moves you already have.

And you probably want to switch ingrain for Leech Seed.

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You can breed your ferrothorn with a torterra that knows leech seed and run a set like
curse, power whip, leech seed and gyro ball

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