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I've got everything I need to find Lugia, but I can't get to the place where you find it in Whirl Islands.


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You need to go to the island to the north - the closest one to oliveine city.
You must walk up and travel on the ladder.
Go down the path and DO NOT turn left.
Just keep going down and you should find another ladder. Go down - the bottom most cave entrance is the cave where lugia dwells ( you need a siver wing to get to him. )
Hope this helps...:P

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I had to go threw this to so I think I can explain it alittle better.

1.North island on the right(closer to olivine)
2.Go straight untill you hit the wall and go right, you sould have jumped over two little hills and then go straight up
3.Ok your on a little peice of elivated ground and you what to stay on that peice. the lader should be on the other side of the elivated ground
4.go down,right,then down again and there sould be a guy standing there
5.Talk to that guy he will let you in if you have the silver wing
6.go ALL the way to the bottom and go threw the cave that is all be it self on like a miny island(but its conected to the path)
7.And there you have it you have goten to lugia

Thanx guys this helped alot  ; )