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That's gotta be the most OP move for triple battles. I have a friend that uses it all the time. I can't think of anything that could stop it.

  1. Uses mat lock

2: Spams spore with a Breloom


Matlock? I wasn't aware Pokémon could utilise 80s TV shows in battle. They've really updated the game this generation, haven't they?

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Use Taunt. Taunt is a move that prevents the target from using status moves for 3 turns; so Greninja won't be able to use the move, even if the Taunt wears off since Mat Block will only work on the first turn the Pokemon is in battle, similar to Fake Out.

You could also Taunt the Breloom that uses Spore, which is the ideal strategy since it can still Spore you without the Mat Block up, assuming the Breloom survived any hits it had to take.

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Neather taunt nor fake out would be faster than mat block..
Fake Out would be, 100% of the time actually. Mat Block has 0 priority, whereas Fake Out has +2 priority, guaranteeing it moves before Mat Block regardless of the Pokemon's Speed. Taunt has 0 priority like Mat Block, so it depends on which Pokemon is faster as usual. Greninja has a high Speed stat, so using a Taunt Pokemon with a higher Speed stat would be ideal. An alternative would be the use of the ability Prankster, which gives priority to status moves like Taunt. Use a Prankster Pokemon with Taunt like Sableye to guarantee you move before your friend's Greninja and prevent it from using Mat Block. Of course, doing this on the Breloom is a better option for the reason stated above.