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When I go to a heal my Pokemon in X and Y sometimes, the camera angle changes 45 degrees to the left or right, or a full sky view of the Pokemon Center. Why does this happen?

Example Image (Camera Changed):
enter image description here

Example Image (Camera not Changed):
enter image description here

It's probably Game Freak showing off their new skills xDD Looks cool though
I doubt there is any specific reason. Probably just Gamefreak trying to make the game slightly more aesthetically pleasing. I haven't played x and y yet but the changing camera angles annoyed the hell out of me in B/W. That much so that it was a big reason to why I didn't buy B/W2. Alternatively Gamefreak are probably just showing off what they can do with the graphics and 3D aspect to the game.

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This is just a neat little feature Game Freak added. I guess it adds some life to healing your Pokemon, which you do so often it gets boring.

There's no particular reason really. Only Game Freak knows for sure.

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I know there's already a 'best answer' for this, but this would've been a bit big for a comment, and is still an answer.

So, I tested this a lot, because it kind of weirded me out, and I think it has to do with holding a different button at the same time as pressing the A button.
That is, when you run into the Pokémon Center to heal, you're often still pressing the D-pad as you press the A button, right?
I tried stopping first and carefully making sure to push the A button and nothing else several times, and nothing happened then. So it most likely has to do with multiple button-pressing.
But, as to why this was programmed into the games... I think the others are right, Game Freak is just showing off ._.

Seems interesting enough.
Like, holding D-Pad up would trigger sky view, left/right trigger the angle views, and down to trigger the eye-level view?
Exactly. If you get the timing right with certain buttons, you could get the same view over and over again.