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When I enter a patch of grass and use my poke radar, the message from my mum appears at the bottom of the screen and tells me that I can't use the poke radar right now. Even if the poke radar is fully charged and I have walked over 100 steps just before, it still will not let me use the poke radar.


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You can't be on the roller skates or bike to use the poke radar. Here are the requirements for it to work:

must be in grass

must be in running shoes (move using the thing below the circle pad to change into your running shoes)

grass should be at least 4x4

must walk at least 50 steps to start it

If you use the pokeradar once and after you kill the Pokemon the grass still shakes you must continue to walk. I had issues where after I kill the first Pokemon, I use the circle pad to move again and it breaks the chain because I left my running shoes.

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If you are on your roller skates. bike, or you are not actually in a patch of grass, using the Poke Radar will always result in the Professor's words being echoed by your mother instead. (For shame your mom)

Hope I helped. :)
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