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In a double battle, if Smeargle used Skill Swap and got Sturdy, used it again on Shedinja, had Safeguard up, and was holding the new item that stops weather damage, would the Shedinja be invincible?


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Skill Swap doesn't work on Wonder Guard so it fails there. Also the Pokemon would eventually run out of pp anyway. Forget the whole Mold Breaker part, It won't ever have Sturdy. Source

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Nope, due to the fact that Mold Breaker exists. Also, the Safeguard could wear off.

Completely forgot about Mold Breaker! thx
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It takes way too long to get that set up, by which time:

-Smeargle will be taunted
-Shedinja will be burnt/ poisoned
-something will have used a ghost/fire/flying/dark/rock move on Shedinja

Or something like that. Doubles is so offensive that you don't really have time for setting up, unless it's Tailwind/ Trick Room. You're so much better off actually attacking than trying to make a mediocre Pokemon usable.