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Which is better for a Scald, Wish, Acid Armor Vaporeon? Protect or Baton Pass? Protect to ensure his Wish gets through, or Baton Pass to pass the Defense gained from Acid Armor to make sure it's not put to waste?


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I would say that Protect is a very good option as it allows you to burn your foe and alternate between Wish, Protect and Acid Armor for healing and set-up. On the other hand Baton Pass is good for passing Wish and Acid Armor to a team mate.

If you want you Vaporeon to be a Team Support Pokemon, go for Baton Pass.
If you want your Vaporeon to be a Stall Pokemon, go for Protect.

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Well, technically if you have acid armour AND wish baton pass is MUCH better. This is because you can transfer wish (by using baton pass after using wish) and the defence your Vaporeon has gained. Also, if you use acid armour enough Vaporeon's defence will be so high it will not even NEED protect because it can sponge most attacks.

But then if you are after a staller, protect would work perfectly.

Hope I helped! :D

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