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We are all pretty much sick of it by now. Normally when anything goes wrong in the series, it would be all worth the while if he could just win a league (like how Ash won the Orange Island League, after losing in Kanto and how he won the Battle Frontier, after losing in Hoenn). Even possible methods for improving his chances of victory (evolution, higher levels, older Pokemon, more prep time, less filler, better movesets) have justified for not happening. If Ash truly can't win, why should the rest of his league rivals be exempt (Richie, Harrison, Tyson, Tobias, Cameron)?

BTW, Solidad won the Kanto Grand Festival and still when on to Johto, Why would the buck stop there with Ash if: Pokemon League Victory ≠ Series End

The only closure from winning a conference, would be a regional one. And it wouldn't stop with a conference victory. Ash would still get to at least challenge the Elite Four (formally) (maybe they can have him lose there, since that's their favorite thing)

And besides, they never treated Ash's Orange Island League victory as a form of closure, nor have they differentiated that league from the other regional leagues. They don't know what's filler and what isn't (or else Ash would double his efforts and stop wasting his time with COD affairs :) )

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Because if Ash really did win a major tournament, the anime would probably end. I can only assume that those who win the main tournaments stay in the region, or that the winning of a tournament is Ash's definition of becoming a Pokemon Master, and the anime needs Ash to continue exploring new regions. The anime focuses on process/ journey over end result. Of course, they could just come up with a new protagonist, but they won't.

Also, his rivals are also meant to show character growth like Ash, and losing a battle usually makes them much more humble (Paul & Trip especially). If they just won, it would either be strange that they were Ash's rival in the first place since they're meant to be kinda on the same level, or it would just show no development for their character, and the anime lacks any in-depth character development as it is.

Notice the Does not equal symbol (≠) when I say:

Pokemon League Victory ≠ Series End
I think Pokeleage Victory would equate series end at this stage. Ash has lost so many that winning one would be like some form of closure.
You're right, it would be some form of closure, ......of his losing streak (along with the anime's redundancy department/appeal to all the tiny-minded kodomos who never once experienced a good plot). Japanese children cannot be that dense, and this is making American children of the same age-group worse.
Right, if he won, than there would be no reason to keep traveling because if he won he would have pretty much fulfilled his dream.
Of course Ash has a reason to keep traveling, he ALWAYS does. To meet lots of Pokemon. But nowadays, that's ALL he ever does. If he can't take the Pokemon Conferences seriously, he might as well stay home and log onto PokeFacebook.
What on earth(haha) is PokeFaceBook?
A social network site for those who wish to meet people, as opposed to traveling across different regions and towns and pretending to make an effort in winning a Pokemon League Conference.
YOUR ANSWER IS INCORRECT! There's No Way Ash Ketchum will end of journey if won tournament league especially he become hero with his Pokemon. If Ash Ketchum will end of journey, he will No Longer Become Hero with his Pokemon and No longer Help people rather than Won In Championship.
Ash will never age because the producers and makers want to keep the target audience where it is, and they want to keep making money by making Ash be the biggest loser ever for a cartoon personality, by bringing him hope by beating the gyms for the badges but bringing back to the bottom by making him lose the league tournaments. And if he won, apparently the producers/makers would probably have to end the series, there by losing all that money made from the cartoon series as a commercial advertisement for all that pokemon gear and toys.
It was never suggested in this thread that Ash would age?
My apologies, but its tied in regardless. It was wrong to start off with the age reference, I realize. But it's a real fact that the makers/producers are keeping Ash the age he is to keep their target audience, so they will also keep making him lose at just about EVERY league tournament, just to keep the money base going. Other than that Orange Islands League, he will NEVER win, NEVER really progress, the producers/makers will keep making more new generations, making Ash start over every time..... making new friends is great and all, but they are making Ash a giant pushover with no real staying ambition. May the producers/makers prove me wrong, but as long as they can keep making Ash lose at those tournaments, come up with more pokemon to train, Ash's poor story will keep going as long as they can make their money.
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It is entirely possible that Ash may eventually succeed in becoming champion. The only problem with that, however, is that it will present a huge lump in the story line; Ash has no motive. He has completed his mission that he set out to accomplish:being a Pokemon master.

So it is possible that he may actually win, but it would make sense if victory were saved for the finishing area in the show(possibly right before or after beating the region's evil gang).