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Basically I just finished the game and I saw that you need o beat the Elite Four to get the Garchompite.

So I went to the pillar thing on Victory Road after beating the champion and I couldn't find it .
I looked on a walkthrough and it said there would be something shining but in my game there isn't anything there and I don't currently have it. I'm playing Pokemon X does that change anything. ? Please someone help :)

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>This one can only be found from 8 - 9 PM. You'll find this one near a small tower loward the latter end of Victory Road. The tower is behind a wall that must be destroyed by Rock Smash.

The Great Deku Tree's answer on here. Make sure you're going at the right time.

Also same question here - make sure you've covered all the requirements.

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Shanks bro that would make a lot of sense I tried at like 2 am
Make sure you've upgraded your mega ring.
You upgrade the mega ring by beating the pokemon league and talking to the prof. In Anistar city
where exactly do you upgrade the mega ring in anistar city
You need to challenge the Battle Maison at least once, beat your rival at the north end of Kiloude, then the Prof will be at the Sundial in Anistar.
I went there at 8:45 but the mega stone was not there!!! and i up-graraded the ring
you need to battle (an defeat) Serena at the north of Kiloude city to get all the mega stones.