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I accidentally evolved my floette into a Florges and I was wondering if it can still learn level up moves or else is there another way to find another shiny stone in x so I can train up another one thank you and I hope you can answer my question.


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In all seriousness, it doesn't look like it.
On the serebii page for florges here, all the moves have a - next to it which I would assume means learnt at the start, or from a previous evolution. So you might want to go train another one or, if you have heart scales go to the Move Relearner in Dendemille Town to relearn what moves you would want.

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If I was to train another is their anyway to get a shiny stone in x without route 12 because I already got that and super training.
I'm actually not aware of any other shiny stones. Maybe try get someone to trade?
OK thank you for the help
You can try the Secret Super Training (with a Pokémon with maxed EVs) to have a chance of winning a Shiny Stone. It's really random, and really unlikely, but you can persist.

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