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Well I want a good relible strong bug type pokemon and it just seems that all of them are just so weak

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Ninjask is fast and has ok and baton pass and swords dance. Heracross is a popular bug type becuase of high attack and ok speed. Scizor is another popular bug type whose poor speed is compensated by his super attack and stab bullet punch with technition

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I Sugggest Ninjask itis the fastest pokemon besides speed deoxyz and is pretty strong and has a decent balance here are some good moves X-scissors fury cuter baton pass or U-TURN slash. ANOther good one is drapion DRApions are tanks that have decent speed here are some moves although technically drapion isnt bug type it can learn bug moves here cross poison(Stab and covers grass )crunch(STAB covers psychic and ghost) night slash(STAB good critical racio) earthquake(covers electricity fire steel and rock)

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I thought it was Ninjask and Shedinja.
Drapion is a posion dark