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have tried to use focus sash smeargle with spore+ingrain+baton. this isnt always working because of some things that often occures:

  • opposing Pokemon wakes up after one turn
  • opposing Pokemon is a grass type that is faster than smeargle
  • opposing Pokemon is faster and have insomnia.
  • opposing uses taunt before I can use spore

so I tried magic bounce mega absol with mean look and taunt and baton pass. worked better but not perfect, mainly because the oppponent often has a bug or fighting lead, but also some other minor things too .
the question is: do you guys knows any safe ways to baton pass, ingrain, as roar often spoils my strategy.



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Smeargle is the only Pokemon that can learn Ingrain and Baton Pass together, so you'll have to IV breed for 31 Speed IVs, have a speed-increasing nature, and have 252 Speed EVs so you'll get the first jump.

Source (Even though it says "no Pokemon", Smeargle can still learn any move)

yes, i know. thats my strategy. i know i have to use smeargle but it often fails due to mainly opposing fast grass types. i want a safer strategy to set up that ingrain, some suggestions?
Even though they're pretty inaccurate, Hypnosis and Sing can do well.
yes, maybe;)
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Okay to combat taunt you could give your Smeargle a Mental Herb as a Mental Herb removes the effects of taunt.

Another option you could use is have another baton passer on your team such as Ninjask.

Baton Pass Ninjask (M) @Leftovers/ Mental Herb
Trait: Speed Boost
Nature: Timid
EV'S: 252 Speed, 252 HP, 4 Def

Baton Pass (Obviously)
Substitute (This is what your going to baton pass on to your Smeargle)
Agility (This is also what your going to baton pass to Smeargle to ensure your faster than your opponents)
Protect (To get a free Speed Boost turn and ensure your substitute is maintained.

The strategy is simple send out Ninjask at the start of a battle or when you have an opening. Use Protect so you get a free Speed Boost up. With Ninjask's 160 base speed and after one Speed Boost you will be able to out speed any Choice Scarf user. Then use Substitute and then Agility on the next turn if you still have your Substitute. After that you can either set up another Agility or use Baton Pass.

If all goes to plan when you baton pass to Smeargle it should have a Substitute and a +2 Speed Boost at the very least thanks to Agility.

Hope you find this strategy interesting :)

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that might work, but what about roar before i can baton to smeargle? anyway, thanks!
Roar has - priority, so Baton Pass will always go first.
That depends, if the Roar happens on the turn of the Baton Pass, then Smeargle will get ejected.