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After getting annoyed with battles of Baton Pass, I thought about Ingrain. How can Ingrain be Baton Passed to other mons? Think about it. How could say, a Bellsprout, firmly stick it's roots underground to absorb nutrients, then give the roots to a Pokemon like Mega-Pidgeot or Slugma? That was just an example, but how and why does it work in battle?

That's what Gamefreak wanted. We can't do anything lol.
Yup. Everything that happens in the games is because GameFreak said so. We can't do anything (unless someone on the site is from GameFreak).

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Curse and Leech Seed can also be passed. These don't make much sense either. Basically, Gamefreak logic.

The Japanese version of Ingrain is called Extend Roots. This is a bit different from Ingrain, which is

Firmly fix or establish (a habit, belief, or attitude) in a person.


It makes more sense if you think of Ingrain as simply extended roots that reach up from the ground, and aren't actually attached to the Pokemon. The user is sort of making roots grow around their side of the battlefield. Because which Pokemon have actual roots?

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Hm. . . makes sense.