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OK im trying to beat the elite four heres my current team
INFERNAPEL lv 65 flare blits flame wheel Close combat mach punch
LUGIA LV 70 aeroblast safeguard ancient power punishment
DIALGA LV 53 heal block flame thrower roar of time dragon claw
GARCHOMP lv 51DRagon claw crunch fire fang
TYPHLOSION lv 63 eruption flame thrower lava plume over heat
I'm training ninjask shedinja bulbasaur wartortle blziken charizard what pokemon should I replace for what what moves should I add/remove what pokemon should I focus on??? I play diamond

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Your current team is quite good, you need to level up Dialga and Garchomp a bit more (around level 56-60) and you can beat the Elite Four no probs.

Take plenty of revives/potions with you!

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Level 100 giratina & dialga
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Infernape needs to remove mach punch and flame wheel and get E-quake and shadow claw. Empoleon get rid of blizzard and give it flash cannon. Lugia yours makes me puke toxic not ancient power, surf is good on the middle two elite four members so get rid of safe guard and punishment to for recover. Dialgia should have dragon pulse not claw, and earthpower instead of heal block. Garchomp I will give a set earthquake, stone edge, swords dance, dragon claw. typholsion is horrible you only need 1 fire type move flamethrower is reliable then earthquake, thunder punch and extrasensory.

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