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Since you can only get 2 Fire-types in DP.

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In DP, there are only two fire types lines, thus facing a disadvantage. The E4 member uses Steelix, Lopunny and Drifblim along with the fire types. But they have Will-O-Wisp, which is a fire type move and causes burn. So that was maybe a main reason why there was a fire E4. However, in Platinum, many other fire types were added, thus giving a solid combo.
There are 2 fire type lines. There are 5 fire types in total.
Yeah Infey and Rapidash. But in Platinum, Magmortar, Flareon and Houndoom.

Note: Houndoom is available after E4 in Pearl.
Drifblim is a hot air balloon, which uses fire to fly in the real world, Steelix lives very deep underground where it is very hot, also flint is a mineral found underground (I think), and Lopunny... I think we all know what some people think about Lopunny...
True, but I don't know about Lopunny, and why it is in a Fire E4 (the only reason I think is it knows Will-O-Wisp)

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The gym leaders in DP have the Rock, Grass, Fighting, Water, Ghost, Steel, Ice, and Electric type specialties. The other Elite 4 members specialize in Bug, Ground, and Psychic typings. This only leaves Normal, Flying, Fire, Dragon, Dark, and Poison types. We can immediately rule out Dragon type because Cynthia uses Garchomp and the others are Legendary Pokemon. Not many of the Normal types are that strong, and most of then can easily be found and obtained. Additionally, some key trainers already use some Normal types. A lot of Key trainers around use the Dark type options, so there wouldn't be anything new. Poison types are used among key trainers as well. As for Flying, a lot of them aren't that strong, can easily be obtained, or are used by key trainers. A Flying type gym would probably be a much better option than a Elite 4 specialty. The Chimchar line can only be obtained at the start of the game and aren't used by any key trainers. Ponyta's line takes quite a bit of grinding to evolve. Both of those Pokemon aren't weak at all. The other Pokemon aren't fire types but are obviously for type diversity and have Fire type moves. Another reason could be that these Pokemon fit Flint's personality. So while there aren't a lot of Fire type options, the ones that are available are strong. (Key trainers are Gym Leaders, Evil team Leaders and Admins, Rivals, Elite 4, and Champion.)

This is based on my analysis. Hoped I was able to help.

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And the Fire type E4 member has non-fire types as well.