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When I'm EV training an offensive Pokemon, I usually go 252 Atk/SpAtk and 252 Speed. And that leaves me wondering, are the rest of the EVs best in HP or Defense. Is it just a case of considering your Pokemon's stats to see where it best suits it or would you take a look at the Pokemon's HP and Defense and decide to compliment the higher out of the 2 with the 4 EVs or put it in the stats with the lower base stats out of the 2 to try to balance it.

I am currently EV training a Medicham and so far I have 252 Atk & 252 Spe. Here are Medicham's base stats

Do I go for the 4 EVs in HP or Defense and why?

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Most people go for HP, because it adds to both Physical and Special bulk. However, 4 EVs isn't really going to stop anything, so it doesn't matter too much.

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