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I have been searching around the internet about this question and have had mixed results. Put simply, if I give one of the two foreign Pokemon an everstone ( So it may pass down the nature ) will this disable Masuda Method increased shiny chance?
As much as I desire the shiny I will be devastated if it has a hurtful nature, but I want to make sure the everstone wont make hatching for it just as tedious as random encounters.


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Quite logically, the Masuda Method would still be in affect regardless of if the Everstone method clashes with it. Therefore, it should be FIIINE. :D

Hope I helped. :)

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Indigo its been tested by many youtubers. They determined in X and Y that it does negate the Masuda Method.
Can you show me a video, or YouTuber that thinks that the Everstone negates the Masuda Method? I can't find anything?? Meanwile, lose the BA if you must.
I know http://www.youtube.com/user/mootypwns has said it multiple times but those have been in her Twitch Livestreams, so if you want to go to twitch and watch those you can. Im looking for more now
You're not helping anything by leaving the answer up.  So DOES IT OR DOESN'T IT?!?
Well, three people seem to agree on this page, and they had a "scientific" (or whatever it is xD) explanation:
They said that if shinies were based on PID, then items would cancel the Masuda Method, however, they said it wasn SV, therefore I still think I'm right. xD
What does "PID" mean, and does "SV" mean Shiny Value?
PID = Personal ID
SV = Shiny Value