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My planned team is Giratina, Dialga, Garchomp, Dragonite, Altairia, and Kingdra.


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Well after playing Diamond, no. Dragons tend to be found very late in the game and don't usually evolve until around lv 50. Pokemon like Giratina can only be found after beating the Pokemon league. The Pokemon have little variety in movepool which would make some Pokemon a real pain in the arse to take down. The lack in variety also makes for a pretty boring game. Though it may be viable in terms of use, it isn't practical nor will it enhance your experience, if anything hinder it.

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1) I already have all of them except for Altaria and garchomp, who are still in their first forme.
2) I'm looking for a challenge
3) Point taken about the movepool thing
4) I could whip out a team of lvl 70+s and smash my way through the elite four, but I want to train two new ones :/
I probably should have posted that in the question...
As said the team is perfectly viable but not exactly practical. You won't achieve anything more than building a team full of different typed Pokemon. What you failed to mention which confused me a little, is that you're referring to post game rather than in game which is commonly referred to anything before the E4 and champion. After that there isn't much left to do assuming you have already caught Giritina. The enjoyment of training the 6 dragons would be little to non as dragons tend to be OP and will easily destroy any Pokemon in game due to their levels stuck many below your's which increases. Dragons with similar movepools are repetitive and not really fun to use. If you have already beat the game and are looking for a team to train, try building one for the Battle Tower consisting of different types that together cover weaknesses ect. The overall enjoyment will be higher and will feel much more rewarding. There is not much point in building a whole team of Dragons when 5/6 will never see any use.
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Actually, I haven't beaten the elite four yet. I'm training a second team to fight them, along with this one, which, taking into consideration what you have said, will probably be for showing off to my friends.
My normal team is Giratina, Typhlosion, Heatran, Ho-Oh, Staraptor, and Dialga/Dragonite
My diamond team is Empoleon, Alakazam, Kingdra, Scizor, Dragonite, and eventually Drapion
Thanks for the help :)
Legendaries too stronk in Normal team
Which is for Wifi-Battles. Perhaps you are right, but for the time being, my other pokemon are too low-leveled to be able to successfully counter my usual opponents. Eventually, the Diamond Team will also be used for wifi.