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I **think**, in order to get the ability Harvest on Trevenant you have to find and catch a bunch of them until you find one. I am not one that is good at abilities, so this may be incorrect.
While this is correct, please answer questions only when you actually know the answer. :3

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There are two methods. You can either:

  • Catch a Harvest Phantump in the Friend Safari
  • Catch a Harvest Trevenant in a Horde at Route 20

Note that both of these methods won't work 100% of the time; there is only a small chance of getting a Harvest Trevenant in a Horde, and there is also a small chance of getting a Harvest Phantump in a Friend Safari when that friend is online.


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Wait. so your friend has to be on X or Y in order to get it with it's hidden ability?
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You can get trenevant with the harvest ability in a horde battle with trenevants.
You get it by luck in a horde though. You don't get it on the first try.