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Pokemon bank log in stuff?

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I watched a video on YouTube about a guy using the Pokemon bank writing came on the saying log in skipped and I was wondering if you had to have a special login for it or is it the shop account hope you can help here's the link

Here's the video

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It must be a Nintendo Login, a code found in X and Y, or something else.
I dunno. xD
Ok thanks
I don't think there is any need for this question any more because the link in the description no longer works as it says the video doesn't exist. This is probably because who ever uploaded it has removed it. Therefore we cannot help you answer this question if we haven't seen the video your asking about since Pokémon Bank hasn't been released yet. Sorry :/
I think it was because the underscores made some of the text italic, meaning that the underscores weren't there and the link lead you to a broken link.
I've fixed it now. CharizardTrainer, next time I recommend putting links in a hyperlink since anything can happen when it's on it's own. :P

As for my comment before, I don't think that is right. xD
Oh okay... sorry about that then, I guess it does need answering. Thanks Indigo for fixing the link xD

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FINALLY! Me learning Japanese has finally come to use on this site. xD

Reading the Japanese that this video has given me is telling me that you need a Nintendo Network ID login. People may not have had this before, and this was one of the reason the server crashed, as people were making too many Nintendo Network IDs. Hence, the traffic, and the death of the inaugural of PokeBank and PokeTransporter. :3

Hope I helped. :)
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If so how do you make a network I'd or is it just your club Nintendo or Nintendo login
...I dunno. xD
If I remember correctly, I think when you access the eShop, it says somewhere on the screen if you wanna make an ID. I'm not sure... :3