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Hello thanks to answer my question so I would like to now how do we make a Pokemon have is Hidden ability is it only on event or it is easy to do

ps; it is for a chespin to have bullet proof and I have a quillin lvl 30 thanks for the answer

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There's several different ways:

  • Friend Safaris. Some Pokemon will have their hidden abilities.
  • Hordes. In a horde battle, some Pokemon may have their hidden ability. You need to test each of the 5 Pokemon to see which one has the hidden ability, however.
  • Breeding. If you breed a Pokemon with a hidden ability, and the baby is part of that Pokemon's evolutionary line, there is a chance that the baby will have its hidden ability.
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so it can works if i put 2 quilladin male and female i canhave a bullet proof egg ?
There's a chance. Its not 100%.
eaven if they don't have bullet proof ?
and how mutch % ?
You can't get a Bulletproof one if neither of them have it.
ok thanks really helped if you now of a many % it will be good but it's not really important thanks your helped ^^
you sure it works i have 24 chespin but no bullet proof ?
the only way to get a Chespin with Bulletproof is in the Friend Safari (as a Quilladin) or to trade. Once you have one, then you can breed to get Chespin's with Bulletproof.