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Is it possible to get:
Buneary - Limber
Cottonee - Chlorophyll
Deerling - Serene Grace

Is it possible to get their hidden abilities?


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All three Pokemon do have their Hidden Abilities released.


If you want to check it real fast just use Ctrl+F and type the Pokemon's name.

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Yes, but only by transferring.

Buneary and Cottonee were available in Dream World in Gen V. Serene Grace Deerling was given to you by a scientist on Route 6 (in the lab) in B2W2.

Otherwise, the Friend Safaris don't have those 3 Pokemon.

EDIT: whoops Sawsbuck is there; so breed that for a Serene Grace Deerling.

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Buneary: Transfer through Pokebank
Cottonee: Transfer through Pokebank
Deerling: By breeding HA Sawsbuck from Friend Safari or transfer through Pokebank