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Yeah, that pretty much explains it.

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My Illogical Theory

Because most of them are birds. And, birds are pretty Normal.

Like, excluding the ones like Butterfree and Gyarados, who have an obvious, needed second type, the Normal/Flying Pokemon are mostly birds.

Except for some other Pokemon like Swablu, who really is a bird, but I think could be based a normal cloud, and Togetic and Togekiss, who might get it's type from it's prevolution Togepi - but otherwise, except for the Fairy-type, which it later got, what type could it have?

Also, Flying is a very obscure type. Like, a Rock-type could just be a Rock like Geodude, A plain Ghost-type would be a ghost like Misdreavus, a Dark-type could just be a Dark Pokemon like Umbreon, a plain Dragon-type would be a dragon like Dragonite - what would a Flying-type be? Something with wings? Say that to Gyarados or Tornadus.

So yeah, that's pretty much the reason. Almost all Flying-types are birds, and therefore get that added Flying-type.

Hope I helped. :)

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I used to think the reason there are normal-flying types because they're the most regular and realistic looking ones.
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Only Game Freak knows.

The most logical reason would be that all the Flying Pokemon have some other similarity to another type. Look at Honchkrow; its design clearly implies Dark. Look at Moltres; its wings are on fire.

Another reason would be that most Flying type also have a dual Normal typing, like Braviary, Pidgeot, etc. Why this is we don't know. Game Freak made the game, so they are the only ones that know.

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