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I'm really confused about chain breeding please help!


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Well you don't actually need to chain breed to get a Squirtle that knows both Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere because Clawitzer can learn both moves and is henceforth the only Pokémon that can breed with Squirtle (or one of Squirtle's Evolutionary Line) to get a Squirtle with both Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere.

It's actually pretty simple to do but I'll put it into steps so it's easier to understand:

Step 1: Get a Clawitzer and teach it both Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere.
Note: The fastest way to teach Clawitzer Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere is to go to the Move Relearner in Dendemille Town. Once there she will teach your Clawitzer Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere for two Heart Scales respectively.

Step 2: Put Clawitzer and Squirtle (or one of Squirtle's Evolutionary Line) in the Day Care Centre.

Step 3: Run around for a couple of minutes then go back to the Day Care Centre to get your egg from the Day Care Man.

Step 4: Run around again until the egg you recieved from the Day Care Man hatches. Once the egg hatches you should have a Squirtle with both Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere.

Hope I helped :)

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ok i sort of think i get this now. so lets say i scrap aura sphere. if i put a male dragonair with dragon pulse with a female squrtle would the outcome be a squrtle with dragon pulse in its move set?
Yes Carebears that will work.
thank you! you really helped me a lot!
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In breeding only males can pass down moves to the egg, and females determine what Pokemon it will be. To breed two Pokemon they must have at least one matching egg group. You may already know this so I will cut to the chase, and tell you how to get both moves onto a Squirtle.

The easiest way to get both of these moves on a Squirtle is to breed a female Squirtle (Wartortle or Blastiose) with a male Clawitzer who learns both Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse by leveling up. Squirtle (and its evolutions) have two egg groups: Monster and Water 1, and Clawitzer has the egg groups Water 1, and Water 3. Since Squirtle and Clawitzer have at least one matching egg group they can breed to make eggs.

My source for my answer is this very site!



It's basically all mix and match trying to find a way to get the moves you want. I spent two days trying to figure out how to get Stealth Rock and Curse onto a Larvitar, until I realized I could breed curse onto a male Tyrunt with a Slowpoke, and level up the Tyrunt until it learned Stealth rock, and breed it with a Larvitar and viola! It may take a while but you will get the hang of it, however complicated it is.

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Breeding can be difficult I know myself, but luckily I think I've got an answer for you.

Have a female Blastoise ready to breed. Then you need a Pokémon with the opposite gender who knows Aura sphere, Dragon Pulse or both which happens to be in the Monster or Water 1 egg group (I know, there is too much to remember)

As long as you don't get the annoying message "the Pokémon order to play with other Pokémon than each other" then the Pokémon will breed and will give an offspring Squirtle with Dragon Pulse/Aura Sphere. If you didn't get one of the moves repeat the process again with the other move.

They're pretty darn hard moves to get on a Squirtle, because it requires breeding. But with hope and luck you'll get there eventually.

Hope I helped! =]

Source: Knowledge and Squirtle's Pokédex page.

i already know that i was asking how to get a squrtle with specific egg moves not how to breed. i was asking what pokemon and steps in order to get it.
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In this case it doesn't seem like you'd need to breed multiple Pokemon to a squirtel with dragon pulse and aura sphere because of this new Pokemon - Clawitzer!

Clawitzer and Squirtel are in the same egg group (Water Group) so they can breed.

All you need is a Female Squirtel to breed with a male Clawitzer with Dragon pulse and Aura Sphere (Which it learns by leveling up.

The male Pokemon passes down moves to the baby Pokemon :)
The Female Pokemon passes down ability.
And they both pass down Ivs.

Hope this helps!