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When are the hidden abilities of Serperior, Emboar and Samurott planned to be released? Is there a release date? 'Cus contrary leaf storm Serperior and Flare Blitz/Head Smash/Wild Charge Emboar look damn good to me. Idk about Shell Armour tho...

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They have not been released and their is no set date for when they will, but I'm with ya, I want my Reckless Emboar v~v

serp emb sam

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Those sprites are scary. ;~;
Dat Serperior sprite tho.
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There's a very rare chance they will be released.

This is because Generation V has passed, and if they haven't released them yet, there isn't much luck in hoping they will be released soon.

Of course, it is up to the discretion of Game Freak, but don't be too disappointed if they never release a Hidden Ability Gen V starter.

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No, there isn't any release date at the moment. It is unlikely that Nintendo will say anything at all; they will probably just do something like they did in Gen 5. They just release the Dream World, and people find the Pokemon with the Hidden Ability there.

Of course, there is no proof that they will be released at all. Look at what happened to Chandelure; everyone was hyping Shadow Tag and hoping that it would be released. And then, Game Freak decides to disappoint us and makes its Hidden Ability Infiltrator in the new Gen.

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And Lightningrod Zapdos D;